Neighbourhood-level detector to turn meters ‘smart’ at scale

Neighbourhood-level detector to turn meters ‘smart’ at scale
Image: Copper Labs

A neighbourhood level detector aimed to unlock meters data quickly and at scale has been introduced by smart grid technology provider Copper Labs.

The neighbourhood-level detector works wirelessly to capture data from hundreds of residential meters as often as once every 60 seconds and without the need for new in-home metering infrastructure or Wi-Fi networks.

The solution, which can be implemented with electricity, gas and/or water meters, is thus offered as an alternative to costly and lengthy retrofits.

For targeted deployments or pilot programmes, utilities can send customers a smart in-home detector that’s smaller than a pack of playing cards.

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Once customers plug it into an outlet and connect it to Wi-Fi via a mobile app, the hardware immediately captures data directly from their existing meters wirelessly without any infrastructure upgrades.

With access to the data utilities are able to obtain actionable insights, while with the mobile app consumers are able to access historical and near real-time consumption data and receive personalised energy consumption insights and alerts.

“We are at a pivotal moment in the history of energy and resource management,” says Dan Forman, CEO of Copper Labs

“Our new neighbourhood-level detector represents a major leap forward in our ability to help utilities meet their goals at scale. By providing critical insights when they’re needed most, we can help utilities collaborate with their customers, conserve resources, and meet some of the most pressing challenges of our time.”

Copper Labs considers that without the requirement for in home Wi-Fi, the solution offers unique opportunities for utilities to help to better engage low- to moderate-income customers.