About Kraken

About Kraken
Image Credit: Kraken

Kraken is an advanced and groundbreaking technology offering, encompassing two connected platforms that deliver critical aspects of the energy value chain.

Our core customer support platform has revolutionised utility customer management and billing capabilities.

From facilitating the world’s first dynamic time-of-use tariff to transforming customer experience, Kraken provides the building blocks to accelerate the net zero energy system and enable the next generation of energy use cases.

Combined with a pioneering operating model, Kraken empowers customer service teams to act with autonomy on behalf of customers and consistently improve cost and customer satisfaction outcomes for its licensees. Kraken currently supports over 40 million customer accounts in nine countries globally.

Our full-stack flexibility platform encompasses real-time and scale Distributed Energy Resource (DER) management and distribution network monitoring. We provide DER optimisation and control; network power quality measurement and fault detection — enabling traders, retailers, generators and system operators to manage their assets in real-time and at scale to create value by supporting the energy system. With over 50,000 DERs managed, equating to over 4.6 GW of contracted power in six countries.

These two seamlessly integrated platforms combined offer an unparalleled solution for delivering cheaper, cleaner energy and accelerating the journey to net zero.

Visit Kraken for more information: www.kraken.tech