Spain’s Redeia announces PDEye: a critical asset monitoring platform

Spain’s Redeia announces PDEye: a critical asset monitoring platform
Image courtesy Elewit

Spanish TSO Redeia (formerly Red Eléctrica de España), Elewit and grid monitoring tech developer Ampacimon have launched PDEye, a predictive maintenance platform that identifies critical asset anomalies on the transmission grid at early stages in the hopes of preventing supply issues.

The partners collaborated to develop a technology capable of identifying anomalies at early stages in critical assets, which take place in the transmission grid and could compromise the quality and continuity of the electricity supply.

These assets, such as transformers, transmission lines and electricity substations, play a key role in energy supply and any failure in their operation can have a significant impact on the stability and efficiency of the power grid.

According to Elewit, which is Redeia’s technology platform, early detection of functional anomalies allows preventive action to be taken before issues escalate.

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Elewit, Red Eléctrica and Ampacimon launched PDEye in 2021 as an innovation project, which was at first developed internally and has since been scaled up and is ready to be launched on the market, becoming a tool in Redeia’s maintenance unit catalogue.

According to Elewit in a press release announcement, “thanks to its small discharge detection capabilities” the platform can calculate and analyse the health of grid assets, making use of AI for maintenance action planning.

“This way, PDEye provides an effective way to detect manufacturing or installation issues in multiple components in electrical network assets, as well as insights about gradual deterioration of components over the years, external anomalies, damage and exposure to heat cycles,” they added.

According to the company, the platform will be a useful solution for cables, transformers, terminations, gas insulated systems, switchgear and other components in need of performance monitoring.