NEOM launches utility infrastructure development subsidiary

NEOM launches utility infrastructure development subsidiary

ENOWA is launched to develop smart energy and water systems for the Saudi Arabian future city NEOM and markets internationally.

NEOM is envisaged as a future 100% renewable powered destination with sustainable energy, water and wastewater facilities throughout and the new subsidiary ENOWA, will lead the development of these utilities.

Work to develop them has already begun to provide the critical infrastructure for the key projects, according to a statement.

These are THE LINE, which is envisaged as a 1 million inhabitant zero carbon city, OXAGON, an industrial innovation city for which tenants are already being sought, and TROJENA, a sustainable mountain tourism destination.

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ENOWA also represents NEOM as the principal shareholder in the green hydrogen production plant joint venture with Air Products and ACWA Power, which is due to come onstream in 2025.

The plant is expected to be the first of several similar plants that is planned to make NEOM a hub for green hydrogen production and innovation. In NEOM the green hydrogen is planned for use for a variety of solutions including transport and also it will be exported.

NEOM considers its goal to ensure all residents and industries are powered by affordable 100% renewable energy a first project that will enable this at scale.

NEOM’s water and wastewater system is based around a 100% renewable powered desalination plant to deliver low cost potable water across the developments. A significant element of the desalination process is planned to be the production of valuable materials such as industrial-grade salt, magnesium and potassium from the output, which is normally discarded.

H.E. Eng. Abdulrahman AlFadley, Minister of Environment, Water and Agriculture and Chairman of ENOWA, described the creation of ENOWA as a significant development for NEOM and the nation.

“NEOM is committed to sustainability and the creation of a circular economy. This lies at the heart of the project, and it is vital to the nation too. [ENOWA] will be the blueprint for developments elsewhere for years to come.”

Peter Terium, CEO of ENOWA, added that its vision is being brought to life by some of the best minds in the world supported by the latest technology and innovation.

“We cannot and will not be able to do it alone. The challenges the world faces need global collaboration and we look forward to working with leaders around the world in the energy, hydrogen and water industries to drive innovation forward together.”