SIT and GWF partner to develop residential smart water meters

SIT and GWF partner to develop residential smart water meters
Image: SIT/GWF

Italian meter developer SIT is partnering with Switzerland-based GWF on new ultrasonic water meters and is introducing other new water and gas smart meters.

Under the agreement, the two companies are partnering to develop, manufacture and distribute high-performance, cost-competitive smart water meters to utilities and municipalities.

In the collaboration, GWF contributes its know-how and IP with its patented 4D technology with ultrasonic signal processing and robust mechanical design. SIT, with its background in gas metering, provides knowledge and expertise in smart meter communication technologies.

The collaboration also should benefit from SIT’s high volume precision manufacturing competence together with access to a global supply chain.

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The initiative builds on decades of collaboration between the two companies, Florian Strasser, Chairman and CEO of GWF, noted.

“Collaborating with the SIT team will allow us to industrialise highly performant water meters based on our 4D-Technology quickly and sustainably.”

Federico de’ Stefani, Chairman and CEO of SIT, says the partnership is a milestone in SIT’s growth plan.

“Following the acquisition of Janz, this additional strategic move is confirming our commitment to expanding our water metering business through innovation. We will do so in a time in which water consumption is at the centre of many public debates and government plans, and the sector is expected to grow significantly in the coming years.”

Janz water meters

In parallel with the partnership announcement, SIT is introducing a new range of ‘Janz’ branded smart water meters as well as new smart gas meters.

The water meters integrate MeteRSit’s electronic and communication technology competence with Janz’s water metrology competence. eRegister is a fully integrated meter while an add-on radio module can be integrated to traditional Janz mechanical meters to transform them into smart meters.

As for the smart gas meters, the Domusnext Vision is for residential and commercial use with innovations including dual NB-IoT and Wireless Mbus communication and AI to remotely identify anomalies or leaks and to manage hydrogen blends with detection of its percentage.

The Domusnext MMU6 meter is a new version that supports the measurement of blends of natural gas and hydrogen up to 23%.