Sunrun and PG&E expand peak power reward programme for grid stability

Sunrun and PG&E expand peak power reward programme for grid stability
Photo by Vivint Solar on Unsplash.

Sunrun customers in California have shown great interest in a programme meant to increase grid resiliency during critical months of peak energy consumption.

Through a partnership with Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E), Sunrun said it quickly reached maximum enrollment and energy capacity goals of 7,500 new and existing residential solar-plus-storage systems, which adds up to 30 MW for its Energy Efficiency Summer Reliability Program, also known as Peak Power Rewards.

The programme quickly expanded to 8,500 customers and 34 MW, respectively.

The programme provides flexible energy to support the grid every evening from 7pm to 9pm during the months of August through October, when high temperatures challenge California’s grid to meet peak energy demand.

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California is among the top five states with the most hours of power disruption, according to Sunrun.

“I’m happy to participate in Sunrun and PG&E’s Peak Power Rewards programme. I’m glad that my battery provides clean energy to the grid while also protecting my family during blackouts,” said Dan Exelby, a Sunrun an PG&E customer in Santa Rosa.

“I think it is great that my battery is supporting the grid and promoting energy sustainability for California.”

Eligibility for Peak Power Rewards requires Sunrun solar + battery customers in single-family homes to have an interconnection agreement with PG&E and not be enrolled in other demand response programmes.

Customers will receive an upfront payment of $750 and a free smart thermostat for participating.

Originally published by Sean Wolfe on Power Grid.