The #SmartEnergyCluster – 19 EU projects collaborate

The #SmartEnergyCluster – 19 EU projects collaborate
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19 European Union LIFE-funded projects have formed the #SmartEnergyCluster aimed at achieving a sustainable and efficient energy system.

The projects share a common objective to develop and deploy new business models and concepts which add value by leveraging integrated energy services.

Based on the principle that collaboration and innovation are key, they intend to pool resources and expertise to accelerate the energy transition, according to a statement from the EU’s Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency, which delivers the LIFE funding programme to support the delivery of the region’s sustainable energy policies.

“#SmartEnergyCluster projects focus on merging different energy services and incorporating non-energy benefits whilst overcoming market fragmentation and fostering cooperation. This inclusive approach bridges gaps and creates a common ground for business development across different segments.”

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The 19 projects are wide-ranging from InEExS, which is using blockchain technology to tokenise energy saving data, to EU-MORE, which is undertaking early replacement of old electric motors.

Others include Audit-to-measure, which is aimed to help companies translate energy audits into actionable measures, and BungEES, which is bundling and valorising energy efficiency services and flexibility on the demand side.

The others are BD4NRG, BIGG, Bright, Efficiency-as-a-Service, Energate, Flex, Fresco, i-nergy, Interconnect, Matrycs, Neon, Nudge, Probono, SmartSpin and V2market.

The statement continues that the #SmartEnergyCluster highlights the power of collaboration to drive and is a great opportunity to showcase ground-breaking LIFE projects with significant potential for improved energy efficiency, increased renewable energy use and enhanced system flexibility.

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“The cluster aims to inspire even greater collaboration, innovation and more widespread adoption of smart energy solutions by everyone involved in the sector and to pave the way for a smarter, greener, and more efficient energy system for all.”