IoT in Verticals: Sustainable, Optimised Energy and Utilities

IoT in Verticals: Sustainable, Optimised Energy and Utilities
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The call for renewable, sustainable energy and utilities has led organizations to turn to technology as a chance to revolutionize how resources are generated, monitored, and consumed. The demand for reliable, optimized, and responsible utilities is growing at a rapid pace, and the response can be found in the Internet of Things (IoT).

Kaleido Intelligence’s recent survey, Serving the Enterprise, The Cellular IoT Connectivity Opportunity, breaks down the challenges and opportunities in IoT among key verticals.

These are the biggest concerns facing the energy and utilities industry:

A fragmented connectivity ecosystem

55 percent of cellular adopters said maintaining commercial relationships and device fleets with multiple connectivity providers is complex and is the number one challenge for IoT.

Issues with global connectivity and permanent roaming

50 percent of cellular IoT adopters ranked the ability to minimize permanent roaming risks as their number 1 priority.

Need for security

55 percent of cellular adopters said basic security features, such as SIM locking, location detection, and usage/cost overrun alerting are security features they expect from an IoT partner.

Turning to the advantages of eSIM

92 percent of cellular adopters count eSIM (eUICC) as part of their IoT deployment.

Growing interest in private LTE/5G

57 percent of cellular adopters have an interest in Private LTE/5G to enhance business operations.

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IoT for energy and utilities

IoT provides many opportunities for the energy and utilities industry to streamline operations through granular visibility and analytics. Leveraging sensor-based technology that creates actionable intelligence accessible through a unified platform helps build flexibility and optimality into operations and expansion.

Smart Metering

With smart sensors that can monitor usage, it is possible to have streamlined energy consumption and measuring, as well as insight into customer usage and performance to help optimize billing and system monitoring.

Water Conservation

Sensor-based monitoring can help ensure that water mainlines and pipes are not suffering any cracks or damages, leading to slow leaks that are costly over time. Water usage can be optimized leading to less use overall for a greater approach to water conservation.

Tank Monitoring

With affordable, ruggedized sensors and resilient connectivity, tank levels can be monitored to ensure that stocks are maintained at optimum levels to help manage costs and logistics.y

Maintenance and Prevention

Through full-scale monitoring of infrastructure, issues can be detected before they become critically problematic, leading to service interruptions, leaks, damage, and costly overruns.

A single source for utilities and energy needs

When you’re ready to add sustainability and intelligence to your energy and utilities application, you’re ready for KORE. With full scale connectivity options – including an eUICC, Multi-IMSI eSIM – Managed services, hardware, sercurity, an holistic platforms, KORE makes IoT a success in utilities. Reach out to learn more