SD-WAN for utility distribution automation

SD-WAN for utility distribution automation
Image Credit: Cisco

As networking infrastructure continues to expand in our hyper-connected world, power utilities require a wide variety of connected Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) power system assets – in order to continue improving the safe, reliable, and efficient delivery of power. Networks are also expanding to connect to the internet and data centers, increasing security exposure.

Recognising the need to address these concerns, we’ve developed advanced network operations solutions for utilities. One of the key technologies driving this progress is Software Defined-WAN, which empowers and supports Distribution Automation in remarkable ways.

The goal of Distribution Automation in the Utility grid is a real-time adjustment to changing load conditions, facilitating distributed generation, performing fault location identification and service restoration, and reacting to failure conditions within the Distribution grid, usually without operator intervention.

Read our solution brief and get an overview of how to manage and optimise your industrial fixed and mobile networks using SD-WAN.

Capabilities include:

  • Simplified management using a common management tool for your Enterprise and Industrial devices,
  • Multi-WAN support for always-connected mobile use cases,
  • Security policies are extended to the devices at your network edge,
  • On-premise or cloud-hosted architectural flexibility,
  • Scalable solution that allows thousands of assets to operate simultaneously, positioning the customer to meet future requirements

If you prefer a more technical perspective, we have also prepared a validated design document to understand how Cisco‘s SD-WAN can revolutionise Distribution Automation.

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