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Climate action

Harnessing the power of our business and brands to make a net zero world possible

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Getting the world’s ‘to do’ list done

Hunger. Poverty. Climate change. Inequality. How do you even begin to try to solve problems like these? A new global campaign suggests the best way to start might lie in writing the trusty ‘to do’ list

Average read time: 3 minutes

Illustration of a worker setting up a solar panel
Illustration of a female truck driver loading products onto a Unilever truck, parked in a busy street.

How we’re driving down our logistics emissions

Our Sustainability Logistics Manager, Laura Realpe, explains how we’re reducing logistics emissions through a mix of increased efficiency, electric vehicles, and sustainably sourced biofuels.

Average read time: 5 minutes

A smiling woman holds her child as she stands at her front door and accepts a parcel from Too Good To Go.

Delivering door-to-door to help fight food waste

No one likes throwing away good food. Our latest pilot with the Too Good To Go app allows consumers to have Unilever brands delivered directly to their door, cutting costs and food waste.

Average read time: 3 minutes

Illustration of a smiling mouth biting into a Magnum ice cream

Delivering dairy that doesn’t cost the earth

From reducing cow burps with red seaweed to heating homes with manure, Unilever’s Sustainable Sourcing Manager for Dairy, Klaas Jan van Calker, explains how we’re working to cut emissions in the dairy sector.

Average read time: 6 minutes

An illustration of rural and city life. A woman at a supermarket, a man picks crops, a man on a bike, a farmer in a field

With great power comes great opportunity

Big business must use its influence to drive faster action on climate change. Hannah Hislop and Subhi Barakat, Climate Action Global Sustainability Managers at Unilever, explain why.

Average read time: 9 minutes

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