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Future of work

Equipping people with the skills and mindset to thrive in an evolving workplace

Young woman in lab coat and goggles. Unilever is committed to upskilling young people for ‘future fit’ job opportunities
Illustration of a farm worker browsing in an tablet
A group of people wearing masks jumping in the air in front of a Unilever office

Not just another day in the office

Two years ago Unilever launched a transformation programme to ensure that workplaces were accessible, sustainable and ready to meet the needs of its hybrid workforce. We checked in for a progress report.

Average read time: 2 minutes

Line-up of Unilever’s 13 billion-euro brands.

How we’re driving growth through our five strategic choices

Our financial results for the first half of this year – which delivered consistency in challenging conditions – show how we’re continuing to realise the benefits of the strategic choices we’ve made in the Unilever Compass.

Average read time: 4 minutes

Twister Cosmix at the edge of the earth’s atmosphere

Reaching ice cream lovers anytime, anywhere

Fulfilling a craving for ice cream used to require being in-store or near an ice cream van. Unilever’s Ice Cream Now (ICNOW) teams are working to change that. Whether you’re online, in transit, in a virtual world or exploring earth’s atmosphere, they’ll find a way to deliver.

Average read time: 2 minutes

Woman in a hard hat with factory in the background with computer graphics overlaid on the image

Can smart tech make our workplaces safer?

Collision-preventing transponders, safety reporting apps and artificial intelligence are just three examples of how technology is helping to reduce accidents in our workplaces. We asked three colleagues to reflect on how technology has addressed their safety concerns.

Average read time: 4 minutes

Man in front of two computer screens with a factory setting blurred in the background

Shining a light on our first Lighthouse factory in India

As the first FMCG factory in India to join the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Global Lighthouse Network, the Unilever Dapada factory, lying north of Mumbai, is a beacon of tech-driven efficiency, innovation and empowerment. There are many reasons why. Here are the top five.

Average read time: 3 minutes

Aarti Daryanani

When a disaster strikes… hygiene is a priority

At times of crisis and emergency, Lifebuoy regularly steps in with product donations to the population affected. But soap is just the first step to preventing widespread illness. The brand is now taking its role to the next level.

Average read time: 4 minutes

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