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Positive nutrition

Empowering people to choose more nutritious, sustainable food that is easy and tasty too

Women chef in industrial kitchen creating and serving a plant-based dish

Nourishing the future: innovations to grow the plant-based market

Going plant-based makes sense – for our health and the planet – and it’s a growing market. Find out how we’re using cutting-edge food technology to develop textures and flavours that meat- and dairy-lovers enjoy and put more plant-based options onto mainstream menus

Average read time: 6 minutes

Illustration of two people, the man cooking and the woman holding a shopping bag and eating an apple
Woman browsing the fruit and veg in a supermarket

Five trends that will take plant-based eating mainstream in 2023

Nutrition Strategy Director, Maxim Yermolayev and Ice Cream Innovation Lead, Fatma Tek share their expert insights into five consumer behaviours and food trends that will see more people making plant-based eating part of their daily diet in 2023.

Average read time: 1 minute

Young child with male guardians eating a plant-based meal

Three ways eating plant-based food can boost your gut health

Many factors affect gut health, but one we can control is diet. To kick start Veganuary, Unilever’s gut microbiome expert Dr Robert Dixon explains the positive impact eating a diverse range of plant-based foods can have on the gut microbiome and our health.

Average read time: 2 minutes

Two friends choosing an ice cream from a retail ice cream cabinet

How digital helps businesses serve ice cream and smiles 24/7

Thanks to smart tech and smart thinking, Unilever’s ice cream retailers can replenish stock 24/7, ensure bestsellers are always in their freezers and enjoy discounts based on real-time data-driven insights.

Average read time: 6 minutes

A smiling woman holds her child as she stands at her front door and accepts a parcel from Too Good To Go.

Delivering door-to-door to help fight food waste

No one likes throwing away good food. Our latest pilot with the Too Good To Go app allows consumers to have Unilever brands delivered directly to their door, cutting costs and food waste.

Average read time: 3 minutes

Vintage Wall’s advert featuring two happy children under the Wall’s logo

Behind the brand: Wall’s ice cream serving happiness for 100 years

When it comes to ice cream sales, Wall’s has got it licked. It has two brands in the global top ten ice cream rankings, sells 40 brands under the Heartbrand logo and delivers happiness in form of ice cream in 52 countries around the world.

Average read time: 4 minutes

Illustration of a smiling mouth biting into a Magnum ice cream

Delivering dairy that doesn’t cost the earth

From reducing cow burps with red seaweed to heating homes with manure, Unilever’s Sustainable Sourcing Manager for Dairy, Klaas Jan van Calker, explains how we’re working to cut emissions in the dairy sector.

Average read time: 6 minutes

Young couple preparing food together in a kitchen

Raising our nutritional targets to accelerate impact on public health

We’re working to ensure 85% of our nutrition and ice cream servings meet Unilever’s Science-based Nutrition Criteria (USNC) by 2028. The new USNC update our Highest Nutritional Standards (HNS) and use dietary intake from five key markets to demonstrate our criteria’s impact on public health.

Average read time: 2 minutes

A woman walks through a field of growing seedlings. She reaches down to inspect them.

Why soil matters and how we can save it

Soil is failing across the world: every five seconds a soccer pitch of soil is eroded, and it’s estimated that by 2050 around 90 % of the Earth’s soils could be degraded. What does this mean for people and planet, and what can we do to restore a healthy balance to the soil we need to survive?

Average read time: 7 minutes

Lady with a baby in her arms carrying a Knorr shopping bag

Food fortification is going from strength to strength. Here’s why.

An increased focus on health and wellbeing is seeing consumers seek out foods whose nutritional value has been boosted by vitamins and minerals. On World Food Day, we look at four ways fortification is levelling access to affordable nutrition.

Average read time: 6 minutes

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