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Protect & regenerate nature

Working to have a positive impact on the world’s biodiversity and resources

Close up of bee

Biodiversity, business and bees

How can you spot future-fit farming? Look for the bees. Over the last ten years, we’ve been working with farmers and smallholders, finding ways both to protect biodiversity and to secure our supply chains. Here’s why.

Average read time: 5 minutes

Illustration of a man holding a seedling
Illustration of a smiling mouth biting into a Magnum ice cream

Delivering dairy that doesn’t cost the earth

From reducing cow burps with red seaweed to heating homes with manure, Unilever’s Sustainable Sourcing Manager for Dairy, Klaas Jan van Calker, explains how we’re working to cut emissions in the dairy sector.

Average read time: 6 minutes

An illustration of rural and city life. A woman at a supermarket, a man picks crops, a man on a bike, a farmer in a field

With great power comes great opportunity

Big business must use its influence to drive faster action on climate change. Hannah Hislop and Subhi Barakat, Climate Action Global Sustainability Managers at Unilever, explain why.

Average read time: 9 minutes

A woman walks through a field of growing seedlings. She reaches down to inspect them.

Why soil matters and how we can save it

Soil is failing across the world: every five seconds a soccer pitch of soil is eroded, and it’s estimated that by 2050 around 90 % of the Earth’s soils could be degraded. What does this mean for people and planet, and what can we do to restore a healthy balance to the soil we need to survive?

Average read time: 7 minutes

AWA, Magnum’s digital ambassador, wearing a yellow headscarf and black and white dress designed by Rebecca Zoro

Meet AWA, Magnum’s digital ambassador for its female empowerment programme

A unique ambassador is announcing Magnum’s upscale of its female empowerment programme for farming communities where it sources much of its cocoa. AWA is an avatar created from the faces of 128 Ivorian women who’ve been positively impacted and have brilliant stories to tell.

Average read time: 4 minutes

UFS chef Audrey Crone laughing with another chef while cooking in a professional kitchen

How UFS chefs are serving up waste-free food solutions

Cutting business waste is just one of the ingredients in Unilever Food Solutions’ recipe for a waste-free future. We spoke to chefs Alex Hall in the UK, Audrey Crone in Ireland and Mary Worthington in South Africa to find out how they’re helping reduce waste and increase profit margins in the process.

Average read time: 6 minutes

An illustration of two farmers in the field with wind turbines and the sun behind them.

Helping suppliers count and cut carbon

We must work together with our suppliers to tackle their greenhouse gas emissions in order to bring our own to net zero. Stella Constantatos, Senior Manager in our Business Operations Sustainability team, explains why.

Average read time: 7 minutes

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