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Respect Human Rights

We want a world where no one is left behind, one where human rights are at the foundation

Two people wearing facemasks, one pink and one wearing grey.
Illustration of two factory workers
Woman factory worker in protective helmet, mask and coveralls operating a machine via a control panel.

Working to advance respect for human rights every day

We’ve just launched a new policy outlining our commitment to responsible business with respect for human rights as its foundation, particularly in the context of modern-day challenges for society and our planet.

Average read time: 4 minutes

A still from Sunsilk’s Roblox world. A girl avatar runs towards the House of Skills to find free learning resources.

What does Web3 mean for marketing?

Our Chief Digital and Commercial Officer Conny Braams shares her views on how we must unite to ensure the next iteration of the internet is a safer place for people to shop, stream, work and play.

Average read time: 6 minutes

An image from Dove’s Reverse Selfie campaign. One half of a girl’s face is natural, the other is airbrushed.

Watch our 2022 Cannes Lions-winning campaigns

Congratulations to Dove, Vaseline, Sir Kensington’s, OMO and Hindustan Unilever for winning at this year’s International Festival of Creativity

Average read time: 2 minutes

Young diverse people having fun holding LGBT rainbow flag outside

Building equity and equality with Pride

From peer-to-peer support by our proUd network to policies that promote and protect a fully inclusive workplace, we look at how equity is helping to level the playing field for our LGBTQI+ colleagues and what impact we can have in the wider business community

Average read time: 6 minutes

Woman in a hard hat with factory in the background with computer graphics overlaid on the image

Can smart tech make our workplaces safer?

Collision-preventing transponders, safety reporting apps and artificial intelligence are just three examples of how technology is helping to reduce accidents in our workplaces. We asked three colleagues to reflect on how technology has addressed their safety concerns.

Average read time: 4 minutes

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