Kamstrup partners with Emirates District Cooling on cooling meter innovation

Kamstrup partners with Emirates District Cooling on cooling meter innovation
Image: Emicool

Kamstrup is partnering with Emirates District Cooling (Emicool) to develop advancements in cooling meter technology.

The two companies, already long-term partners, plan to bring further intelligence and other innovations to Kamstrup’s Multical range of ultrasonic cooling meters for district cooling systems.

Previously a key challenge identified by Emicool’s customers was managing cooling energy in vacant spaces and buildings, leading to the introduction of a thermal disconnect function and enabling more efficient and effective cooling energy management.

“This collaboration represents a significant milestone in Emicool’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that enhance energy efficiency and sustainability in the cooling sector,” said Dr Adib Moubadder, Chief Executive Officer.

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“This partnership is set to redefine the landscape of cooling meter technology. By combining our strengths, we aim to accelerate innovation and pave the way for more intelligent, precise, and environmentally friendly cooling measurement systems.”

Emicool is a Dubai-based provider of district cooling services in the UAE with almost one-third of the market.

Its growing district cooling network currently includes 20 district cooling plants delivering a total of 355,000t of refrigeration and serving approximately 42,000 customers.

The company aims to grow its capacity to over 500,000t of refrigeration over the next five years.

Some of the high-profile development projects on which Kamstrup and Emicool have partnered have included the Dubai Investment Park, Discovery Gardens, Dubai Sports City, Dubai Motor City, Dubai Cultural Village and Dubai Mirdif Uptown.

The Middle East and North Africa with their hot climatic conditions dominate the district cooling energy market and are expected to continue to do so into the future with the growing commercial and residential sectors.

Like electricity smart meters, smart cooling meters offer remote reading of consumption data and data on the distribution network, as well as the opportunity for sub-metering.

The new partnership between Kamstrup and Emicool is to extend over five years.