LAISON’S pilot projects in Kenya go well beyond expectation

LAISON’S pilot projects in Kenya go well beyond expectation

Laison’s Pilot Equipment includes RF LoRa/GPRS/NB-IoT STS Prepaid Water Meters, Accessory and Cloud-based LAISON LAPIS STS Systems that have been operational for a period of six (6) months in various Kiosks.

The purpose of the pilot was to evaluate the viability of the LAISON smart STS prepaid water meter solution as well as to assess the technical capability and service delivery. The result indicates that The LAPIS System is very stable as no downtime was experienced during the pilot period hence reliable. The meters are effective in the management of historical debts and Non-Revenue Water.

LAISON’S pilot meters demonstrate strengths that are listed below:

1. Debt recovery

The meters are effective in recovering historical debts as they can be configured to partly deduct a preset portion of the purchased water until the debt is fully recovered while the customer gets water on part of the payment.

2. Meter accuracy

After four months of operation and the test results at the operational flow rates are as in the table below.

From the observation above, LAISON meters’ accuracy is within the allowable error limit during the pilot period.

3. Mode of payment

Proportionate tokens are sent directly to the clients hence necessitating the smooth self-service operation. This allows the customers to manage their consumption.

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4. Data analytics

LAISON’s LAPIS system is configured with data analysis tools making it easier to track the consumption trends and identify the possible illegal activities around the meter point. The data below are for GPRS Pilot meters. It can also be mentioned that the meter has an automatic replenishing function. When the data fails to be reported, the meter will be actively reported again after 15 minutes.

A comparison of the consumption trend was done on the same accounts on mechanical meters and the pre-paid meters within the same period. One Meter indicated a great increase in consumption after installation with the prepaid meter.