Power producer in Ethiopia looking to expand electricity network

Power producer in Ethiopia looking to expand electricity network
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Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP) is to construct a substation and transmission line in two regions of Ethiopia as part of its electricity expansion plans.

The projects at Debre Tabor and Bokoji forms part of EEP’s “expansion, extension, rehabilitation and transmission reinforcement projects.”

The state-owned power producer said a kilometre-long new 230kV transmission line at Debre Tabor will be constructed from the existing Bahir Dar-Alamata 230kV line project as line in and line out to the new Debre Tabor substation.

“And 230kV transmission line that has a total length of 1.135 kilometres from existing Melka Wakena to Koka 230kV line as line in and line out to the new Bokoji substation will be constructed.”

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The EEP said the Debre Tabor and Bekoji high voltage power supply transmission line project will:

  • Supply electric power for Debre Tabor, Bokoji town, its surrounding and newly built industry zone, satisfying industries’ electric energy demand;
  • Create direct and indirect employment to locals and others;
  • Ensure a regular and sustainable supply of electricity that will contribute to an improvement of the living standard and reduce poverty; 
  • Attract potential investment in industry sectors; 
  • Encourage industries to use electric power that is renewable and free of carbon emissions;
  • Enhance the Ethiopian economy by increasing access for locally manufactured goods; 
  • Stimulate the economy, encourage new industries and reduce dependence on oil; and  
  • Contribute to the economic development of Ethiopia.

Electricity exports out of Ethiopia are increasing

EEP recently told local media that Ethiopia had secured over $83 million in revenue from exporting electricity to three neighbouring countries in the past 10 months.

EEP said it had supplied a total of 12,126GW hours of electric power to Djibouti, Kenya and Sudan.

It has achieved 85% of the target set for the 10-month period, EEP’s spokesperson Moges Mekonnen said.

Originally published by Yunus Kemp on ESI-Africa.