Global Power & Energy Elites 2022: Energy sector’s DNA

Global Power & Energy Elites 2022: Energy sector’s DNA

DNA is the theme of this year’s Global Power & Energy Elites as a metaphor for the complex and interwoven nature of the world’s energy systems and the sector’s role in solving the challenges facing humanity.

DNA contains the instructions needed for an organism to develop, survive and reproduce. Like individual threads woven into an intricate fabric, so too does the global network of energy leaders, innovators and implementers hold the keys to creating a better, cleaner, more efficient world. However, unlike nature’s gradual change over generations, the world cannot afford a slow transition from the energy industry. And every vertical has a role to play.

The past two years has validated that the only constant is change. The pandemic has slowed some sectors down and given momentum to others, but the requirement for an urgent energy transition has not diminished. A key driver in this is Artificial Intelligence (AI), which is enabling utilities to make smarter decisions that are aligned with Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG). This is echoed in the interview with Manoj Sinha, CEO of Husk Power Systems, who notes that we are already seeing many positive changes backed by AI, including decentralised energy resources. With rapid global adoption of machine learning and AI practices, we will be well on our way to achieving net zero by 2050.


As parts of the sector take steps to adopt clean power and sustainable business strategies, there are leaders placing their heads above the parapet to put words into practice. The declarations delivered at COP26 are not enough – we need action. Over the years we have featured some of the ambitious leaders that will get us there.

Setting the scene for 2022, our Lead Partner, Oracle Utilities’ Senior Vice President and general manager, Rodger Smith, noted that despite formal commitments made by the 192 countries under the Paris Climate Accords, emissions in 2030 could be 16% higher than in 2010. While he is supportive of the decarbonisation movement, he is realistic that this transition cannot be done in isolation. “With investments in clean infrastructure putting more strain on household energy bills, decarbonisation could make the affordability gap worse. Using AI and behavioural science, utilities can better identify and engage limited-income customers with energy and bill saving tips, as well as enrolment in assistance programmes, to ensure solving one problem does not disproportionality worsen another.” He adds that for utilities to forge ahead on this journey, they will need to nurture customer relationships and ensure they are the decarbonisation journey.

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” – Walt Disney

Embracing the strategies to connecting and integrating Low Carbon Technologies, the implementation of a smart electric vehicle charging solution by Netherlands-based provider GreenFlux is placing the spotlight on what is potentially the greenest parking garage in the world. The initiative, the Dutch demonstration of the EU CONNECT project, focusses on new, integrated power conversion technologies for connecting buildings to the grid. The investments are based on data-driven decisions. Ensuring these decisions are accurate is the result of credible partners and tech to support this. Read about other innovative projects in our project section on this website.

Over the past seven years, the Global Elites brand has evolved alongside the movers and shakers of the power and energy sector. Having the right partners onboard at the right time is key to the success of your projects, and we feel the time is right to deepen the partnerships with our sister publications Power Engineering International, Smart Energy International and The Guide by Enlit. In 2022, these products will come together in a single annual journal, focusing on thought-leadership, that aims to be a yearly barometer of energy industry.

Ingrained in our team’s DNA is our dedication to telling the stories of the leaders driving a just energy transition. I am excited for you to join this journey as we work together to create a secure and sustainable planet for generations to come.

With every good wish from me to you for 2022.

Ashley Theron-Ord
Editor & Project Lead | The Global Power & Energy Elites

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