The most reliable relays in the market

The most reliable relays in the market
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A latching relay is a two-position electrically actuated switch that maintains either contact position indefinitely without any power being sent to the coil and is a perfect choice to reduce the power consumption of a system.

KG Technologies, Inc. specialises in the development and manufacturing of high-powered, high-quality latching relays. Offering a line of latching relays spanning from 5A to 200A for both single-phase and poly-phase switching purposes. Designed, built, and tested to meet the industry’s highest performance standards in the energy management market.

Current transformers for power and metering

Another well-established product for the energy management market are KG’s Current Transformers (CTs) specifically designed for energy devices. They measure current, power and energy, which requires high or medium accuracy and low phase error.

The products are characterised by high linearity throughout the entire dynamic current range with very low current loss. This product line offers both a Single Core Version, that features best in class accuracy and performance, and a lower cost Dual-Core Version that supports lower accuracy and cost requirements. KG recently announced the Hall Effect Transducer for this product line, and this provides AC and DC functions.

KG Technologies, Inc., in the market

KG Technologies, Inc., in the market KG Technologies, Inc., a Hongfa Group Company, is a company designed and organised to provide flexible solutions from the design process through final product delivery. At the start of each project, we work with our customers to understand their specific product needs and develop the most cost-effective and high-performance assemblies. We design our products to improve form, fit, as well as optimise performance.

We have one of the lowest failure rates in the industry. For the customer, this translates into significant savings and minimises the number of costly field service trips.

Not only does KG serve the utility management market; they also offer HVDC Contactors, Film Capacitors, Smart Circuit Breakers for Electric Vehicles and Electric Vehicle Charging, Building Energy Management, and Renewable Energy and Energy Storage.

Headquartered in the USA, KG is a global company with a team of experienced sales representatives and engineers committed to customer service, which is vital to the quality and integrity of their products. KG Technologies’ experts, from engineers to the logistics team, work to provide flexible solutions from the design process through final product delivery.

From our world headquarters in Rohnert Park, California to our satellite offices around the globe, we focus on meeting the needs of our customers K153A Latching Relay wherever they may be located.

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