Episode #15: What will be the industry trends over the next 25 years?

Episode #15: What will be the industry trends over the next 25 years?
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The next quarter-century in the power and energy industry will be driven by global efforts to decarbonise the sector, powered by clean energy policies, new technologies and empowered consumers. What other innovations are on the horizon?

The evolution of the energy sector over the past 25 years has surpassed every expectation and today, energy forms a key pillar of political and social strategies in many of the world’s economies. And given the continuous development and advancement of new technologies such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality, we can assume that the next 25 years are also going to surpass our wildest dreams.

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Smart Energy International, we dedicate this episode of the Smart Energy International podcast to talks about the future. Together with Areti Ntaradimou (Enlit Europe content director for data) and Kevin O’Donovan (technology evangelist), our host Claire Volkwyn explores the expected trends and innovations.

Listen to part two of this two-part series focusing on milestones and future trends in the energy industry:

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Areti Ntaradimou | Enlit Europe content director for data

Kevin O’Donovan | Technology Evangelist


Claire Volkwyn 

Music by NSAT

Want to read more about the industry milestones and the future?

Join us on a walk through the archives as we document the changes and milestones in the evolution of the smart energy sector over the past 25 years.

Milestones of energy evolution

Part 1: 1996-2000
Part 2: 2001-2005
Part 3: 2006-2010
Part 4: 2011-2015
Part 5: 2016-2021

Don’t forget to also page through our special 25th-anniversary edition of the magazine and its special ‘Back to… the future’ supplement.

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