Episode #13: How PRIME Hybrid is solving your grid communication challenges

Episode #13: How PRIME Hybrid is solving your grid communication challenges

How do you tackle the issue of last mile communication? Experts from the PRIME Alliance share their insights.

Power line communication (PLC) has long been considered the most suitable and natural technology to provide the needed telecoms performance, even in complex underground electricity grids.

But what do you do when it’s not?

In this episode of the Smart Energy International podcast, experts from the PRIME Alliance will be exploring the PRIME Hybrid solution that combines PLC and RF communication technology.

The Prime Alliance is an Alliance of technology manufacturers and utilities focussing on providing technology solutions for the smart grids utilising an open (license free), interoperable (certification), reliable (proven) communication protocol.

PRIME Alliance members Alfredo Sanz (Technical Fellow on Smart Energy Systems and software – Microchip Technology) and Asier Llano (R&D Manager – ZIV Automation) talk about this next step in the PRIME Alliance journey.

This episode is brought to you in partnership with PRIME Alliance.


Alfredo Sanz | Technical Fellow on Smart Energy Systems | Microchip Technology

Asier Llano | R&D Manager | ZIV Automation PRIME Alliance journey.


Claire Volkwyn | Editor | Smart Energy International

Music by NSAT

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