Podcast episode #10: The secret of reliable smart meter communication and standards

Podcast episode #10: The secret of reliable smart meter communication and standards
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In this podcast episode, industry experts from the PRIME Alliance and Arkossa Smart Solutions discuss the secrets of reliable smart meter communication and the importance of industry standards.

Christos Aslanidis (Senior Principal Engineer at Renesas Electronics Europe and Board member PRIME Alliance) and Victor Dominguez (Chief Executive Officer, Arkossa Smart Solutions) talk about their experiences with the creation of industry standards and pushing the boundaries of smart meter communication.

The PRIME Alliance (PRIME = PoweRline Intelligent Metering Evolution) is focused on the development of a new open, public and non-proprietary telecom solution which will support not only smart metering functionalities but also progress towards the Smart Grid.

Power line communications is the most suitable and natural technology to provide the needed telecoms performance, even in complex underground electricity grids.

In this episode, we talk about the evolution to and from PRIME v1.4 and the improved reliability, robustness and frequency coverage that the new version delivers, as well as the interoperability brought to the table by PRIME+. 

In order to keep communication channels operating at optimal levels, PRIME Hybrid provide a combination of standardised PLC & RF/IoT solutions to increase robustness – how will this increased flexibility work to power the cities of the future along with the water, gas and power utilities of tomorrow?

This episode is brought to you in partnership with PRIME Alliance.


Christos Aslanidis | Senior Principal Engineer at Renesas Electronics Europe | Board member PRIME Alliance

Victor Dominguez | Chief Executive Officer | Arkossa Smart Solutions


Claire Volkwyn | Editor| Smart Energy International

Music by NSAT

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