Reclosers: Safeguarding electrical grid reliability

Reclosers: Safeguarding electrical grid reliability

Reduce system outages and increase reliability by providing quality overcurrent protection on overhead lines. One of the solutions that has seen tremendous improvements, including smart technology, is the recloser.

The majority of improvements made in recloser manufacturing are to help utilities better manage and mitigate the disruption of electrical services.

From simplifying the mechanism and incorporating smart technology, reclosers have evolved into a critical must-have component for a utility’s grid reliability. The improved technology also supports eliminating the need for routine maintenance.

Globally, grid reliability issues are related to various external factors. For the purpose of this whitepaper, the scope of this problem will address challenges in APAC, LATAM, Middle East, and European regions. It highlights how the right reclosers and partners can reduce widespread power outages.

For deeper insight into the challenges, use cases, and possible solutions, a bespoke whitepaper has been researched and designed to provide you with the necessary information you are looking for.