Meters and More – Open technology for digitalisation

Meters and More – Open technology for digitalisation
Image Credit: Smart Energy International

Meters and More provides open technology aimed at securing end-to-end communication, focusing on field-proven efficiency, interoperability, and robustness of communication.

Paolo Bassani, Chairman of Meters and More, unpacks the Association’s role in the energy transition and underlines the value and benefit of joining an industry body in these times.

The global non-profit industry association maintains a protocol for bi-directional data transfer in combined smart metering and smart building infrastructure systems, referred to as Chain 1 and Chain 2.

This powerline communications protocol, internationally recognized by CENELEC, is one of the most widely deployed protocols for remote meter management.

Watch the full video interview below.

This interview was filmed in November 2022 at Enlit Europe in Frankfurt, Germany

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