KORE and EnergyWeb partner for Smart Energy

KORE and EnergyWeb partner for Smart Energy
Image Credit: Smart Energy International

KORE Wireless and EnergyWeb Foundation have partnered to enable grid operators to establish secure communication channels with every asset on the grid.

Ioannis Vlachos, Commercial Director EMEA at Energy Web Foundation, highlights the biggest hurdles to accelerating the digital transformation, and the solutions to tackling these barriers.

Highlighting the critical importance of partnerships when it comes to certain overcoming certain barriers, Ronald Weststrate, Vice President of Product Management at KORE Wireless, shares his views on collaboration, especially when it comes to successful IoT deployment.

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Watch the full video interview below.

This interview was filmed in November 2022 at Enlit Europe in Frankfurt, Germany

Visit the Energy Web Foundation website here – www.energyweb.org

Visit the KORE Wireless website here – www.korewireless.com