How customer-centric SaaS will fuel the clean energy transition – Kraken

Date & Time
11 May @ 4 PM - 5 PM (GMT)
1 hours
How Customer-Centric SaaS will fuel the clean energy transition
Event Description

In this discussion, experts from Kraken unpack the essential role consumers will play in the future of energy, and how utilities, retailers, and system operators can use new technologies to collaborate with consumers.

With recent developments and trends –The Inflation Reduction Action Act, incentives for low-carbon devices, clean energy investments, and increased consumer engagement with low-carbon devices and renewable energy sources – signalling a massive change in the energy industry, many industry players are not well-positioned for this transition.

Industry experts explore what is required to speed up the energy transition from customers who are willing to participate in consumer flex – to balance renewable generation with demand in real-time.

Understanding that customer loyalty can be developed via customer-centric, vertical tech stack solutions – creating simple products that are easy to use, green, and affordable—vertical solutions result in customer data being all in one place, helping utilities to understand better the products and services their customers need.


Devrim Celal, CEO | KrakenFlex

Lara Beers, Global Director of Business Development | Kraken

Alex Schoch, Head of Flexibility | Octopus Energy