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Unlock the business value of grid edge computing

Date & Time
18 October @ 8 AM - 9 AM
1 hours
Event Description

60-minute session

The future of business transformation is at the edge. Grid edge computing provides one of the most effective ways to create value-generating business operations. However, edge computing also provides its own set of challenges.

These challenges typically involve the combination of data from multiple sources and the sharing of data across various ecosystems- regulated and unregulated markets, organisations divided physically and operationally.

In this recorded session, the panel discuss how to increase grid operational efficiency through grid edge data pre-processing. In addition, we hear from experts on how to access grid data for consumer digital convenience without compromising the digital security of strategic infrastructure or consumer control of data confidentiality.


Sergio Lazzarotto, President & Executive Director | DLMS

Camille Marzuoli, Managing Director | Energy & Utilities, SIA Partners

Peter Jensen, Senior Researcher, EDF

Michael Jary, Managing Director EMEA | SENSE

Francesco Marini, VP Pre Sales: Manufacturing, Operations, and Service | Gridspertise