Webinar recording: Ukraine’s power sector: Extraordinary challenge & need

Webinar recording: Ukraine’s power sector: Extraordinary challenge & need

60-minute session

To support the restoration and deployment of power to communities under conditions of Russian aggression, DTEK, the leading private energy company in Ukraine, is desperately, and urgently, seeking your attention and support.

In this 60-minute session, high-level speakers give a general overview of the current situation in Ukraine’s electricity market amid the war.

Ukraine’s power sector

Huge damages to critical infrastructure, significant changes in the energy landscape, and unpredicted challenges of management and day-by-day operation are the new reality for Ukrainian energy companies. But even in such conditions, stable operation of energy systems and synchronization with European power grids has been achieved.

DTEK is participating in a live broadcast in partnership with Enlit Europe, Smart Energy International and Power Engineering International to address this critical need and facilitate the response to any questions that you may have in order to fast-track your support and donations.

A list of urgent materials and equipment needed for the restoration of Lines; Grids; Substations is available on request. Please contact enliteuropeseries@clarionevents.com

Oleksiy Povolotskiy, Corporate Governance and Compliance Director, DTEK
Ruslan Volynets, Director of Customer Relations/ Representative, DTEK Grids and Board of Directors in E.DSO, Vice Chairperson of the Energy Community ECDSO-E Coordination Group

Our purpose connects us: With your support, we can reconnect and distribute power faster than doing it alone. You will also have the opportunity to connect with DTEK in person this November, in Frankfurt.

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