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How Digital Twin technology can help homes and buildings perform better

Date & Time
24 May @ 12 PM - 1 PM
1 hours
Event Description

60-minute session

Digital transformation is a challenge, especially in one of the industries with the lowest level of digitalisation: homes and buildings.

While other industries are enjoying the benefits of the Digital Twin technology in a much higher degree, home and building owners are missing the opportunity that digitalisation can offer, such as predictive maintenance or advanced asset management. There is a great opportunity for all the involved stakeholders in this industry, although there are some challenges that need to be observed:

Data coming from different sources, applications, and vendors…complicate the task of processing it in the most optimal way.
The lack of standard interfaces imposes barriers for the software developers to extract the data smoothly.
A vendor-locked approach keeps the data in silos, thus not contributing to synergistic solutions that enhance the installation.
Furthermore, the Digital Twin can enable new business opportunities and lower the barrier for new services to enter the market, adding great value.

In this discussion, contributors to the KNX technology talk about the problems faced by the Digital Twin technology in the home and building automation industry, and will provide their vision on how it can be solved. Do not miss the opportunity to learn from a recent case study, where Digital Twin technology has been developed using the new KNX IoT specifications.


Jesús Arias, Membership & Business Development | KNX Association cvba


Marek Kozlak, CEO | Simlab Sp. z o.o..