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Create a DERMS strategy to pave the road to Net-Zero

Date & Time
19 May @ 8 AM - 6 PM
10 hours
Event Description

60-minute session

Join experts from Northern Ireland Electricity Networks and Oracle Energy and Water for a discussion about flexible and scalable approaches to Enterprise DERMS. Our speakers discuss how to enhance business processes to engage customers, facilitate local markets, and financially settle for energy and service provision.

The journey to Net-Zero requires a transition from large-scale, centralised power generation to efficiently managing an ever-growing fleet of renewable and intermittent distributed energy resources (DERs).

Additionally, it requires increased grid capacity from higher levels of electrification of transportation and residential heating.

Along the way, DER management has progressed to focus on network operations and dispatch. Not only do these factors lead to constant growth in the devices, systems, data, and complexity that must be managed for grid operations, they also create opportunities.

Speaker: Cormac Bradley, Future Networks Manager | Northern Ireland Electricity Networks

Moderator: David Kirkland, Solution and Innovation Director | Oracle Energy and Water