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Building a sustainable future for a smart living

Date & Time
9 December @ 8 AM - 6 PM
10 hours
Event Description

60-Minute Session

To fully realise the potential of a truly smart city, the Internet of Things will play an important role in enabling the collection and communication of data on energy consumption that will serve as one of the foundations of energy management.

With urban areas being responsible for 70% of greenhouse gases and home to more than half of the population, KNX, using technology based on International Standards, is committed to transforming cities of the future into more sustainable ones.

In this recorded session, contributors to the KNX technology talk about the challenges faced by the Smart City, and how interoperability at the core of the ecosystem can flawlessly orchestrate Energy Management.

Four pillars of Energy Management:

Energy Generation: Demand-side management to influence the energy consumption habits also falls under energy management practices that can be employed by energy suppliers.
Home: Every household can adopt energy management into its daily activities and contribute to energy conservation, sustainability, and renewable energy production. Smart home energy management can improve energy efficiency, but it also allows each household to become self-sustainable with their own self-generated renewable energy.
Mobility: Individual households also have EV chargers installed for their cars. Homes with the right technology can automate and manage energy consumption in combination with EV chargers. This way the charging of electric vehicles can be done in a more efficient way that does not interfere with the usage of other electric devices.
Buildings / Infrastructure: Energy management can be taken to the next level by having various buildings or households capable of communicating with each other. This can be housing complexes, townships, or even large factories and industries. Such networked infrastructure of smart homes, buildings, and other setups provide the basis of a sustainable smart city.

Moderator: Areti Ntaradimou, Editor | Smart Energy International


Massimo Valerii, CEO | Sinapsi S.r.l.

Michael Schuster, Managing Director | Enertex Bayern GmbH

Rene Rieck, Global Product Marketing Manager | Alexander Maier GmbH

Jesús Arias, Membership & Business Development | KNX Association cvba