Webinar Recording: How to manage smart metering deployments?

Webinar Recording: How to manage smart metering deployments?

60-Minute Session

Are you focusing on the right things as you execute your smart energy transition?

With planned deployments in the industry of many millions of smart meters over the next few years to drive the smart energy transition, there is a natural focus on the smart meter itself.

But is this the right focus?

DSOs must think about the practical demands of rolling out the smart metering infrastructure while keeping it running at high levels of operational efficiency.

Without considering these points, there is a risk that the underlying business cases for the smart energy transition are not realised.

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Attend this webinar to find out more about IT and OT convergence, management of technology infrastructure deployments, and how that applies to your smart grid.

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What you will learn:

• Practical solutions to help rollout smart meters efficiently
• Tools to help track and maintain the infrastructure once deployed
• Benefits that can be achieved through tools designed for this specific task
• Experiences from the industry

Confirmed speakers:
Jon Wells, Vice President, Customer Solutions | NES
Mark Ossel, Board Member | OSGP Alliance
Jørgen Skov Rasmussen, Engineer (BScEE) | Danish Utility: Ravdex

Moderator: Areti Ntaradimou, Editor| Smart Energy International

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