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Protect and regenerate nature

Strategy and goals

If we want a healthy planet, we must look after nature and the livelihoods it supports.

Building a positive future for people and nature

Nature has enormous potential to tackle climate change and support livelihoods. By protecting forests and regenerating ecosystems, we can prevent the worst impacts of climate change and improve livelihoods to build a more socially equitable world.

Women working in tea field

To protect and regenerate nature, we’ll need everyone on board: that means bringing people, partners and technology together.

Smallholder farmers are custodians of the land and they’re critical to the future of our forests and landscapes. We want to empower smallholders to be a positive force at the forefront of global efforts to restore nature. By supporting farmers and growers in our supply chain with a secure living income and the right tools and resources, they can play an active role in the protection of our planet.

We’re increasing the number of farmers and smallholders we reach through training and livelihood programmes based on our Regenerative Agriculture Principles. We’ve begun to apply these Principles with selected suppliers in a number of ‘Lighthouse Projects’, so called because they signal the way to a brighter future. As we learn, we’ll set targets to include all our suppliers.

Light shining through tropical forest

We’re working towards a deforestation-free supply chain in palm oil, paper and board, tea, soy and cocoa by 2023. We’re using technology to help us understand what is happening to forests globally, so we can work to prevent deforestation before it happens.

Our brands are investing €1 billion in a Climate & Nature Fund , which will be used over the next ten years to take meaningful action to improve the health of our planet. It’s early days but we’re starting to expand existing programmes, such as restoring landscapes, reforestation and reinstating wildlife habitats.

We also want to preserve and protect water to create a future where everyone has access to a safe and resilient water supply. As water stewards, we’re engaging in innovation and collective action to close the gap between water availability and water use. And we’re taking action to make our product formulations biodegradable by 2030.

To achieve our goals and generate change, we also need partnerships. We’re collaborating with suppliers and have set out clear requirements in our People and Nature Policy to protect forest-related commodities and promote human rights. Together with governments, NGOs and other multi-stakeholder partnerships, collectively we can tackle deforestation, build regenerative agricultural systems, restore landscapes and preserve water.

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