Webinar Recording: Synchronization in the power grid with IEEE1588

Webinar Recording: Synchronization in the power grid with IEEE1588

60-Minute Session

Digital substations are increasingly prevalent, enabling utilities to better protect, control, and manage the grid. Applications such as synchrophasors and GOOSE/SV-based systems require precise synchronization. Accuracy is measured in microseconds.

Without an accurate time reference across the grid, it’s impossible to investigate grid events, such as identifying the source of instability that caused a blackout or understanding the impact of lightning strikes. Accurate synchronization is also essential to avoid false trips in differential protection systems.

GNSS/GPS is typically used for timing in substations, but it has its shortcomings. It’s not viable to install a GPS receiver in every substation, and signal strength can be inconsistent, causing timing loss. The signal itself can be jammed or just experience interference.

Now, utilities are looking to augment GNSS/GPS with IEEE1588 for synchronization. IEEE1588 can be used to distribute precise synchronization to and inside the substation.

Join our webinar, where we will:

  • Explain the fundamentals of IEEE1588 technology for time synchronization;
  • Explore the network requirements for the IEEE1588 clock hierarchy; and
  • Discuss a blueprint for synchronization across the electrical grid.

Meet the expert speakers:

Hansen Chan, Senior Product Marketing Manager | Nokia

Rob Wright, Senior Consultant, IP Routing | Nokia

Moderator: Claire Volkwyn, Head of Content, Enlit Africa