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Webinar Recording: Architecting the future energy landscape

Date & Time
23 September @ 12 PM - 1 PM
1 hours
Event Description

60-Minute Session

Leaning into a distributed energy future is a complex endeavor for many utilities. The increasingly variable nature of renewables, climate change and regulatory demands has led to operational and planning challenges for DSOs. As the sector moves towards a distributed energy system, the complexities that come with changing consumer behavior, a rising demand for flexibility, and resiliency in the grid converge. Are utilities prepared to adequately handle these challenges today?

Join this live webinar where experts will discuss the entire energy system from an architectural point of view and review the impact on established stakeholders and new market participants.

Key topics will include:

Architecting the rising digital prosumer lifestyle into the energy system
Building a resilient IT architecture designed to tackle the rising challenges in grid operations
Creating the real-time data foundation managing flexibility in renewable energy production and demand side management
Defining an actionable enterprise architecture blueprint for a connected energy system.

Moderator: Thorsten Heller, CEO and Co-founder | Greenbird Integration Technology

Host: Areti Ntaradimou, Editor | Smart Energy International

Speakers:Chris Potter, Solutions Architect | Siemens AG

Jens Cornelius, Senior Business Director | KMD A/S

Bert Lutje Berenbroek, CEO | NET2GRID

Rune Hogga, CEO | Agder Energi Fleksibilite