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Cybersecurity for a decentralising energy system

Date & Time
28 July @ 8 AM - 6 PM
10 hours
Event Description

Webinar broadcast: Wednesday, 28 July 2021

60-Minute session

The webinar is aiming to explore the cybersecurity threats to an energy system that is increasingly made up of smaller renewable generation assets and forms of distributed generation, such that the grid system is potentially vulnerable to the greater number of connection points and lack of a central hand in ensuring security of the system.

As well as addressing this topic, we will look to explain how weaknesses in the system can be addressed and what future developments in cybersecurity are looking like. Some general questions we could address include:

– How is energy infrastructure changing and what effect is this having on system security and vulnerability?– What makes energy infrastructure particularly susceptible to threat?– What is the nature of the threat and where is it coming from?– How are/should large dispersed organisations manage cybersecurity?– Where have we seen weaknesses arising recently?– What does best practice look like for a utility?– How does the industry out-innovate cyber attackers?– What new tools are available to enhance digital resilience?– What scope is there for cross-industry cooperation

Moderator: Joerg Gmeinbauer, Global Vice President, Power & Utilities | Bureau Veritas

Speakers:Johan Rambi, Cyber Security Strategist | EU ISAC

Rafael Narezzi, Chief Technology Officer | CF Partners

Simon Kristensen, Head of Software Solutions | Siemens Gamesa

Sjoerd Peerlkamp, Manager Industrial Market Group| Secura