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IoT, AIoT and Industrial IoT, where is the future taking us?

Date & Time
4 February @ 8 AM - 6 PM
10 hours
Event Description

Inspired by the EU Commission’s Strategy for Data, Enlit Europe’s brand new Data Hub Series focuses on the need to put people first in developing technology. As Data is at the core of the Digital Transformation that the Energy Sector is undergoing for the past few years, this hub series aims at promoting episodes focused on data flow and exchange, data-driven innovation, data security and the technologies that enable all that, but with a twist: The consumer is at the core of all strategies and all data related projects we focus on. As part of the Data Hub Series, Enlit Europe Online is organizing a series of Webinars or Episodes as we prefer to call them.

IoT, AIoT and Industrial IoT, where is the future taking us? The internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are powerful technologies. When combined, AI and IoT, they create AIoT—the artificial intelligence of things. One can think of IoT devices as the digital nervous system while artificial intelligence is the brain of a system.

In this interactive session, experts will unpack where the IoT, AIoT and Industrial IoT future is going.

Moderator: Christian Heuer, Global Head of Pace Global Energy Business Advisory, Siemens AG

Speakers: Martin Crappe, Innovation Manager | Elia Group Alexandra Dopplinger, Director Product Marketing, Building & Energy | NXP Robert Klaffus, CEO Digital Grid | Siemens AG Kevin Jones, Principal Systems Application Eng. | Renesas Electronics Europe Ltd Jean-Marie Pierron, Vice-President Industries Customer Strategy, Salesforce Industries