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Discussion recording: RTM – An introduction to real-time electricity markets

Date & Time
28 April @ 8 AM - 6 PM
10 hours
Event Description

In August 2019, the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC)— a key regulator of power sector in India—proposed several amendments to create the necessary framework for the implementation of the real-time market (RTM), for electricity.

This virtual discussion deliberates discussions around the implementation framework of RTM. The expert panel addresses the concerns of all business operations from the perspective of Utilities, System Operators and Market Operators. In addition, the panel unpacks key areas such as day closures, price mechanism, NOAR, real-time transaction ratios, and system communications.

Key discussion points:

• Implementation process of the RTM framework

• RTM’s role in uplifting the current market situation

• Communication between Exchange, NLDC, SLDCs, Discoms and Generators

• Buyer/Seller Mechanism in real-time decision-making

• RTM for renewable energy generators

• DSM prices vs RTM prices

• RTM bidding and auction windows



PK Agarwal, Director (Market Operations) and CISO, POSOCO

Abhishek Ranjan, AVP, Network Operations, BSES Rajdhani Pvt. Ltd.

Arun Kumar, CEO, Kreate Energy

Anish Mandal, Director-Consulting, Deloitte


Yash Kansal, Convenor, USISPF IAC

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