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Waste-free world

We want to change the way we use plastic by treating waste as a valuable resource.

We’re transforming our packaging and pushing hard to create a circular economy for waste.

An illustration of a man using a refil bottle reducing plastic use

Strategy and goals

We’re taking steps towards a waste-free world through the Unilever Compass.

We’re cutting plastic waste by using less plastic, better plastic or no plastic at all – and calling for a fast transition to a circular economy.

And we’re on the front line in the fight against food waste – in our factories and on people’s plates.

Our goals are ambitious – but they have to be to overcome the challenges and make our brands superior in every way.

Find out about our Waste-free world strategy and goals
Recycling plant worker in Brazil holding a Comfort bottle

Taking a stand

As a consumer goods company, we’re acutely aware of the impact of today’s “take-make-dispose” model – where products are made, bought, used briefly, then thrown away.

We need to shift from this linear view to a circular economy where resources are reused and kept in a closed loop system.

And we need to do it quickly. We’re using our voice and experience to call for a fast transition to a circular economy, and working with others to build co-ordinated action.

Discover how we’re taking a stand for a waste-free world
A man recycling at a bottle bank

Latest waste-free world news

News article
A smiling woman holds her child as she stands at her front door and accepts a parcel from Too Good To Go.

Delivering door-to-door to help fight food waste

No one likes throwing away good food. Our latest pilot with the Too Good To Go app allows consumers to have Unilever brands delivered directly to their door, cutting costs and food waste.

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